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UGH! I Hate My Disgusting Winter Feet!

(Originally posted Tuesday, January 4, 2011)

I know many of you take the time to really take care of your feet; maybe you treat yourselves to pedicures or keep up on a good at-home routine or maybe you were just born with feet that always look like a newborn's bottom.  But mine, even at their best, are not good.  So even though I'm not showing my feet now like I was in summer, there comes a point where even I can't ignore those rough, dry, scaly appendages any longer.

It started at my first assessment appointment with the physical therapist.  I thought I was good-to-go....freshly shaven legs with plenty of Candy Cream
slathered on to keep them looking and feeling their best.  And then, he asked me to take my shoes AND SOCKS off!...Oh no!!  Now he would see my rough, dry, cracked, sorely neglected winter feet!

It was time to do something.  I'll share my tips and even [big inhale] the before and after pictures of My Dry, Disgusting Winter Feet.  See the transformation as you click through the photos, then meet me back here to let me know what you think.  Just click on the picture of My Loyal Assistant...he was there through the whole thing and feeling a bit left out, so I thought I'd give him some recognition here.  Prepare yourself...the first one's a real doozie! 

Meet "Scamp"
My Loyal Assistant

:  All Treatments Worked Very Well, But Differently

Pumice Only:  Using a pumice stone (or similar product) on feet softened from a shower or bath does a good job to get rid of the roughest outiside layers.  I had been doing this alone periodically with some improvement, but still wasn't satisfied with these results alone.  However, I see this as an important first step to lay the groundwork for the following treatments.
Sugar/Water Scrub:  The natural alpha hydroxy acids in the sugar made great progress "eating away" the rough, dry skin leaving it feeling very smooth.  The sugar keeps on working even after it's dissolved and rinses clean away.  However, it still showed dryness in the cracks.
Sugar/Oil Scrub:  The sugar didn't seem to to "eat away" the rough, dry skin, as much as it manually scrubbed it away, while the olive oil provided lubrication and moisture to help protect my feet while I continued scrubbing, leaving the skin feeling very smooth and nice.
Rescue Balm:  The Rescue Balm really seemed to be the cherry on top in this whole process.  It removed all last traces of dryness in the cracks and left it smooth and protected.  It continued to work over the long haul and the best part is that several hours later my foot still looked good!

IN SUMMARY:  Any one of these treatments alone, or in combination with 2 or more, made definite improvements in my feet.  However, If you are in need of drastic measures (like me) or you're just looking to give yourself an extra special at-home beauty treatment, doing all 4 is the the ticket!

ADDED BONUS...You can do the sugar scrubs on your hands and legs too, then follow with Rescue Balm on your hands at night and a good quality body cream/lotion like Candy Cream or Second Skin during the day.

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