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Alligator Skin VS Candy Cream & Second Skin

(Originally posted Wednesday, February 9, 2011)

Four women agreed to put either Candy Cream or Second Skin to the test against their dry, "alligator" skin and their current body lotions.  Over the space of approximately a week, they were asked to test and compare their current lotion on one leg and either the Candy Cream or Second Skin on the other and then answer some questions for me at the end.  Following is what they had to say.

All four describe their skin as dry to very dry, one with very dry hands and cracks on her thumbs.  They all apply lotions on their legs and bodies, one applies on her hands throughout the day.

With regard to scent, two of the women prefer lotions that are either lightly scented or unscented, one due to being sensitive to scents and the other not wanting the scent to interfere with her perfume.  The other two women like nicely scented lotions.

All four women look for a lotion that addresses their dry skin, that lasts a long time and doesn't leave them dry by the end of the day, one wanting her skin to feel soft after it's on.

Bath and Bodyworks scented body lotions (two women use)
Victoria's Secret body lotion
Lubriderm Advanced Therapy lotion
Johnson's Melt Away Stress-lavender & chamomile lotion
Thymes Azur body lotion
Neutrogena Hand Cream

Two of the women used Candy Cream, two used Second Skin, one was able to try both.


  • Scent:  The woman who was able to try both lotions, did not like the scent of Candy Cream at all and discontinued use.  One said she was not crazy about the scent, but said the smell did dissipate quickly.  One thought the scent was okay.
  • Performance:  One woman said it performed well, had good texture and lasted well.  She prefers the scent of her Lubriderm, but thought it performed as well.  The other woman said she loved the thick consistency, it was not "watery" like her current brand and past brands, it felt really nice on her skin and she did not have the white, flaky skin at the end of the day like she does with everything else she has tried.  She went on to say she keeps buying different brands looking for something that lasts and works, but hasn't been able to find anything.
  • Scent:  Both women liked the scent.  The one who didn't like the scent of Candy Cream at all, even thought this was unscented.
  • Performance:  One woman thought it stays on better and she didn't have the dry, flaky skin at the end of the day like she does with her current brand or past brands.  The other woman absolutely "loved it".  She used it on her body too, but is mainly concerned with her very dry hands.  She said Second Skin goes on a little greasy at first, but then turned her skin soft in just a few seconds.  She went on to explain she has to reapply other lotions several times per day, but not with Second Skin.  She said Neutrogena Hand Cream touts "just a dab heals dry skin" but she found even though it went on thick like petroleum jelly, it only lasted one hour.  She also says she gave Second Skin to a coworker to try who has extremely dry hands and currently uses an ointment stick/balm, and the coworker loved it too.


What scents people like is most certainly a very personal, subjective matter.  Candy Cream does have a very unique scent; I tell people it smells like a chocolate-coconut-almond candybar due to the naturally-occurring scent inherent in the ingredients that are used.  However, because there is not any kind of actual added fragrance (natural or not), it is light and the smell dissipates quickly.  So I've found some people love it, others not as much.  Second Skin does have a small amount of organic lavender essential oil added to it, as the naturally-occurring scent of the red rooibos tea that's in it was not a favorite of many people (then again, some people are not fans of lavender).

With the scent issue aside, one participant thought the product performed as well as her current brand and the others thought both products worked very well, had a great consistency, lasting much longer than what they are currently using, not leaving them with the aggravating white, flaky dry skin at the end of the day like everything else they have tried on the market. 

I have taken great care to choose very high quality (many certified organic) ingredients to include in these lotions; I haven't settled for inferior ingredients just to maximize profits.  It is also the reason for their higher cost.  So you will have to be the judge and decide if they are worth the longer lasting, better quality and performance.

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